I want to try it all.

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 7 Apr 2022

You are so beautiful and confident
behind the stove.
Insinuating that the meat is exquisite.
I want to try it all.
You give me a smile
but you deny me the look
Your beautiful pupils look up.
I don't know if they're headed for love
from yesterday,
the one who wrote your name in capital letters.
Or drift towards tomorrow,
to the lips that will be able to savor each of your dishes,
of your kisses,
of your soul
You keep cooking.
I taking.
There are short romances.
There are lives too long,
And even if you don't believe me
You gave flavor to my days,
And I loved you while you were cooking.
And the pot and its water weren't the only things that were boiling.
In the end everything went up in smoke
and burnt meat.

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