Hunger subsidizes fury

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 10 May 2022

To everyone I could have been
I give them my back, my contempt
and my deepest condolences.
I am in myself a fragile foreigner.
I migrate from myself to myself and carry on my shoulder,
like a dark vampire, coffins to measure
of my meager needs.
I also give my back to those who I am,
I spit on his feet and laugh until I make it clear
who burns here. If anyone finds a word
treat her with respect
he could have fallen from a dead man's mouth
or from a girl's pocket.
It's the least of it, it costs nothing to make him a condescending smile,
think that maybe she was destined for God
Or maybe she fell out of a lover's eye.
walk carefully, don't step on his strings.
If you find a word lying
treat it with love, it costs nothing.
who tells him
maybe listen to the sea
if he gently rests it on his ear.
Hunger subsidizes fury
of the sweetest man, of the most tender woman,
of childhood less palpable.
a stone sometimes hides a love letter to life,
and the foot that jumps from the ledge of a soul
more than the abyss seeks a hug.
in the vigil of the intestines, hunger produces hell.

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