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Green walls

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 25 Feb 2023

the square window
the eye that observes the universe
four green walls
simulation of a forest
Although it is a few steps away
the urban forest, there you can
plant yourself, be reborn, take root.
In the corners of the world
the cities murmur
...they dream, the neon spills
through the shadows,
a saxophone shakes the night
of blues, while a lady
walks down the street, with many
eyes on top of her legs.
The cities wake up swallowing
poison as a remedy
eardrums rupture
cathedrals, doves are clouds
in the squares, take advantage
the dawn of the day, before
from human contamination.
In the high mountains; bellows
the wind shakes monoxide
of stationary clouds.
The sun came with me, in this
time travel, rivers flow
inside the docile arteries.
In the extreme analogue, they light up
the roads, the leaves rustle
and awakens the song of the footprints
bare feet, butterflies
raise their colors and the sky floats
in white clouds
behind the invisible line,
your gaze pierces the soul of the glass,
colorless like the wind, painless
like the fire of your lips.
There I kiss I miss you.

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