Daring eye

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 19 Mar 2022

the wind in my bed
it was a blanket
the great moth dance
between six nylon strings
wake up another pallor
daring eye
that disturbs
this temporary score
A lost bullet
another cantata of sleepless sheep
my seasoned body
without thought or cape jasmine
my trauma
created an essential jíbaro
close to the cloister
run over mind
exposed to social misery
the clamor
in God I can not
be a slave to no grammar or white bible
totally versatile
my tongue murmurs sleeve of stones
Between the clouds
a cotton bag
falls on the meats
magnetized with blood
guide my ear
any doubt of the subject spirit
sensitive concert
through the garden
an idea flower
pray time
pray petals
will paint another aroma
sound of the anima
(...it was then that I abandoned my whole body and its stomach tired of the mouth in the empty case where my guitar always slept out of tune like a chalk against the blackboard against a table the dogs barked and the dogs barked madly in the strange heaven & hell and there I appeared as a somewhat reddish standard shadow engraved on things devastated by the pandemic the surviving mental and musical notes in poetry represented a way of satiating the hunger nestled in the calm inside of the inexhaustible voice and sowing of fingers slightly sustained by ecstasy distorted of bees that provided fluorescent honey sensing another sweetness in my skull from some crack where there was sun and loneliness and one lay down to rest is all I remember... mind you)

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