CILIO Finance - My opinion

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 13 Oct 2020

Analysis of the centralized / decentralized custodial platform CILIO Finance, from my reading of reviews on the web.

Those who do not know the platform can learn about it at the following link:

From my point of view, I find the high-interest lending service they offer interesting (today 13.14% in DAI according to within a high-security environment, guarded by their partner that provides institutional security service. That is, a crypto bank.

While there are other decentralized platforms such as Fulcrum, which offers an interest rate greater than 18.24%, much of its security has been discussed on the web. Basically, for not having at least two audits from different entities such as its competitors Compound or dydx; and punctually, for losing 350,000 USD in ETH after the exploite of a Smart Contract at the beginning of the year, exposing the vulnerability of the system.


It's new, so it's high risk and its endorsement isn't very famous either. It also seems a bit bad to compare it with fulcrum, if you compare it with Celsius and Nexo it seems to me that it has a lot of fight, not counting Binance and its staking.

Comparing it with DeFi seems to me that it loses since the security offered by the main platforms such as Compound, Curve and Aave has no way to compete in that regard.

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