A silent movie

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 19 Jun 2021

of the ontological dilemma
suddenly, the least expected day,
the woman is coming
(the woman comes)
but one was distracted
with ripped pockets
of mouth in every mirror
picking up the newspaper
Tuesday morning
with coffee flavor
and good morning
how good, really,
they had nothing
or little
or just shade in medias res
joy to percentage
that vain clarity of
swap the candle for the ray of
today we are on time
we are always on time
However, what a late at the end
looking at the clock
and there are two lives in the day we say
and one is made a scouring pad
and there are cold breads on the table
ice water fish on the bed
lamps that give Chinese shadows
and a silent movie
in the throat at a quarter to 7 A.M.
and suddenly the woman
she comes to tell us
that sadness is too big for us
that we do not screw
that we are already at the wrong time to die
because this is just beginning
how pompously
we call life
that finally
like at the end
one is the love that was looking for him
at the beginning of accounts /

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