A bit messy

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 12 Nov 2021

It had been an exhausting day. The north wind filtered through the window, leaving discordant omens in the atmosphere. Meanwhile the nanny was combing Edy's hair to go to school. Her future student we hadn't programmed it.
That night, Siro was not coming to dinner, for work reasons. Therefore, I would dedicate that time to continue with my research. He found me liquefying a very sophisticated bacteria that, if positive results were achieved, would be the relief for certain ailments.
When he entered the laboratory, I found it a bit messy, I put the supplies and other elements in their place.
Thinking and performing these tasks, I directed my gaze to the left corner of the room, where the hole was located. I was surprised to see that its diameter was enlarged in an unusual and unforeseen way. That experiment was concluded, when those rabid beings disappeared, leaving no trace. So I started to cover that dark hole with some disused wood. As I did so, I slipped in the most unusual way. When I was falling, the thought and the memories did not exist in my mind, I only saw a light at the end of the underground tunnel.
Time agonized in the clock of life, and on an immense step I had once again seen my sticky beings, together with their companions of another genetically and pathologically different. Around me the giants danced loudly. They took me by the waist and began to quench their thirst with my blood, tore my body to pieces and ate my flesh. I felt no pain, and my spiritual essence sang. When their planetary bellies fell exhausted and full, I could see that my bones floated in their eyes. One of them, of my damn creation, pushed me and I fell again. He entered one universe and another, infinitely like that.
While the truth and the lie were amused. I was that truth that they wanted to hide. The truth is that in the depths of planet Earth, the infinite universes begin, full of beings, species, bacteria, viruses, bacillus, and something called immortality in the rest of the infinities.
Present, there were those who said to die, present those who said to be born, present, present were you and me.
The odyssey of creating life would begin, of creating what is created and playing with what is not there. Hard task to say what has never been said, to draw graffiti, and to name the black goblins of the earth of the universe. I opened portals and left in each stake the fetishism of good and evil, and fly, fly until nothingness I deposited myself, in the vault of infinity within the other infinity, and so infinitely for infinity

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