My last release with SRNDR Records and what did professionals think about it

By Stranger Souma | Electronic Music | 29 Dec 2020

Stranger Souma, Individualist, Saiful Idris Originally released in 2019, Saiful Idris' 'Memories' is re-released with remixes by Moroccan DJ & producer, Stranger Souma, and South African & Canadian production duo, Individualist. Souma's remix strips the original down to its essence and offers a raw, melodic techno interpretation of the track. Memories II remixes The Individualist remix on the other hand typifies their unique sound and approach to electronic music production, with a version that is rich in both organic and synthetic sounds. Both remixes offer snapshots into the producers' cultures and heritage, adding completely new dimensions to the original.   Both tracks got charted in beatport’s top 100    Beatport charts
I honestly wasn’t expecting that at all, I loved working on this track. Such melodic tunes wouldn’t have been achieved without passion and love for Electronic music. It sure is time consuming to produce an electronic track, and remixes are part of it. Yet I believe that working hard on something one loves truly, will be rewarded at the end. 


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Stranger Souma
Stranger Souma

I am a DJ and Music Producer. Management/Marketing consultant. I don’t write a lot, but when I do it is about music

Electronic Music
Electronic Music

A personal and professional review about my favorite tracks in many genres of Electronic Music. Mainly Techno, Deep house, tech house and Downtempo.

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