Mind travel Beirut through music

By Stranger Souma | Electronic Music | 30 Jan 2021

Today I am sharing a playlist dear to my ears 👂As a producer, listening to all kind of music is my favorite thing. And this time it’s about Arabian music and electronic synths. 

BEIRUT - Arab Electronic


At first, i made this playlist to support the Lebanese artists after the huge blast in Beirut, and then I kept on updating it and adding new songs. So I am sharing with you an eastern feeling through the smooth and deep melodies of the best modern Arabian Artists, where electronic synths meet groovy and spicy rythmes. 


The good news is that you can put this Spotify playlist on at the next middle eastern party and pretend you have selected every song yourself, and the better news is that you will be able to dance and shake the pandemic off. 


Without further ado, here’s my selection for Volubilian Records cool playlist. If you like what you hear please follow the playlist and tip.

BEIRUT - Arab Electronic



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Stranger Souma
Stranger Souma

I am a DJ and Music Producer. Management/Marketing consultant. I don’t write a lot, but when I do it is about music

Electronic Music
Electronic Music

A personal and professional review about my favorite tracks in many genres of Electronic Music. Mainly Techno, Deep house, tech house and Downtempo.

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