Election Results Fun! (8/4/2020)

By LeftAntiPC | Election Results! | 5 Aug 2020

There are a lot of important primaries tonight throughout the US. Most notable are Rashida Talib - a member of the Left-Swing "Squad", who is bring primaried by a woman who she both beat and lost to in the last election. It was a strange situation where there was a special election and a regular election for the seat on the same day. Her challenger won the special election to finish the term, but Talib won the election to take over the next full term. 

Then in Arizona we have Sheriff Joe Arpaio - a right-winger who was basically Trump before Trump. He lost reelection last time, despite serving for decades. He has the right-wing rallied around him, but the Republican establishment thinks he'll just lose again. 

Then in Kansas Roger Marshall has defeated the more Conservative (but probably less-electable) Kris Kobach for U.S. Senate. Trump's base is going to be furious about that. 

Keep an eye here for more updates as the night goes on, and feel free to have a discussion about these races or any others you are interested in! Right now I'm keeping track through the NYT website, but feel free to suggest others.

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Election Results!
Election Results!

This is a side-project of LeftAntiPC (https://www.publish0x.com/@LeftAntiPC?a=pnel78MdKB), better known for by main blog, Left AntiSJW. This is just a place to discuss election results on days when they are coming in and have fun watching them. The focus is American, but I have some interest in international elections as well when they have major implications.

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