Blockchain & Philanthropy -- Establishing an Animal Shelter
El Nido Cat Sanctuary

Blockchain & Philanthropy -- Establishing an Animal Shelter

I'm Andrew Gawidan, a secondary education teacher in a remote rural island paradise (El Nido, Palawan) where responsible pet ownership is pretty much nonexistent and where the closest vet clinic used to be 5 hours away by land travel, and I'm in the process of establishing the first animal shelter here.

Abandoned at a waiting shed.

I'm not well-off and animal rescue is not cheap and for the past 5 years I've been working hard towards trying to improve the overall quality of life of cats and strays here in our locality. There are many financial hurdles however to even just get things started such as acquiring land, building necessary facilities, and of course the costs of rescuing and taking care of animals. 

In recent years I have pretty much transferred most of my personal investments to crypto and I see it as one of the most viable paths to seeing my dreams of a cat sanctuary becoming a reality. I firmly believe in the potential of blockchain as a disruptive technology that will revolutionise the way our financial systems work, and the recent pandemic has highlighted and even possibly fast-tracked mainstream adoption.

Blockchain will open up a whole new world for how money circulates and it is interesting to consider what this means for charities and institutions that rely heavily on the goodwill of others to support their causes. Will be exploring the opportunities this presents for established entities, but will also be sharing our efforts and progress towards the establishment of the El Nido Cat Sanctuary. It will be interesting to map out how the landscape will change, the risks and challenges in exploring this new terrain, and ultimately the opportunities for growth that this presents and how we can maximize this for the greater good of our constituents.

Check out our other social media accounts to find out more about what we're trying to do!


IG: @elnidocatsanctuary

Twitter: @catsofelnido

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Currently owned by 9 cats in El Nido. Trying to start the first cat sanctuary (animal shelter) here. Teacher | Ultramarathon & Trail Runner | TKD Jin | Beginner Musician | Frustrated Writer

El Nido Cat Sanctuary
El Nido Cat Sanctuary

Cats invading this crypto space. Attempt at organizing my thoughts on philanthropy through crypto. Crpyto-Philanthropy. Trying to establish a cat sanctuary (the first animal shelter!) in a remote rural island paradise where the closest vet clinic used to be 5 hours away!

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