Do you invest to save or save to invest? How to earn more?

By AJ78 | El futurista | 5 Apr 2021

Some time ago I read the story of a man who was unable to get a job as a janitor because he was late for his interview.
He was very sad to find himself in that situation.
His friend, seeing him so sad, took money from his pocket and gave it to him.

What did this man do?
He bought a certain amount of fabrics with that money. He sold them at a higher price and with the profits he repeated the action again for years, becoming one of the largest entrepreneurs in the fabric trade in his country.

A woman bought part of the stock in a failing company after saving for a long time. Today, she earns millions of dollars from the sale of cosmetics.

It is good to have savings. But the most important thing to achieve your dreams and your financial independence is ... INVESTING.

Do you have a million dollars in your head?
Your real goal is to get them out.

No one gets rich overnight. So, get the fairy tales out of your head and start working hard. Draw your goals, in the medium and long term and do not hesitate.

Life will give you dissimilar obstacles, only your own limits get in the way.

Study, prepare yourself, gain knowledge about what you want to do. Only knowledge makes you truly strong.

Save what you can. Do not waste money on what you do not need. Why do you want to pretend what you are not? A financial cushion has pulled us out of embarrassing moments more than once.

Avoid getting unnecessary loans.

Step by Step. With a lot of perseverance, dedication and effort you can achieve it.

There are no formulas only decisions.



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