Hxppy Bxrthday to me

By Fatharach | Ego Trip | 27 Mar 2020

Turning 28 tomorrow
Clock ticks down
The wind howls
Rainstorm washed out the annual game
Except the few families brave
Enough to face
The waves
I turn twenty eight tomorrow.
Clock ticking down the day,
Wind still howling away
As tarps bang,
A harp plays
And it's time to make another change
Regeneration in a way
Calling back to the first node
Revamped by this crazy beast mode
With teacher goals
And a creature's soul
A weaker hold
On the mask I hope
Maybe even the signal to go
Let the voice from my throat?
Who knows,
I reap what I sow
And I turn twenty eight tomorrow.

(Hxppy Bxrthday to me)

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