Gamer Love

By Fatharach | Ego Trip | 2 Apr 2020

Gamer Love 


How to say this....
So many ways...
How to explain...
I love you.

If we were gamers, in a game, say,
An MMO...with many players in the same space I and I are in the same place
Split screen, or side by side displays
Inseparable teammates, one story in two brains.
And if we're spirits, I loved you in the last run
Our souls they work together,
Two halves of just one
Actors on the stage, a fact
Broken introductions,
made whole in the second act
We took each other's damage
And filled in the gaps.
My dance partner, twirl round, I'll dip you down and hold you,
My life starter, digging round, 'til I ignited for you,
My full hearter, overwhelmed, you feel the things I can't,
My last caller, double down, I'll give you all I have.

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