Accepting the Kinks

By Fatharach | Ego Trip | 2 Apr 2020

Accepting the Kinks

Not everything out of my brain is English

Not everything out of my brain is language

That's my problem; I fear suffering delanguish

For the nonsense I spit out, derangement

But here's the thing;

I am the bleeding edge, you copy me;

If I should speak

Of nearing the hearing ledge, you'd follow me;

Pulled out all my selfish pegs, now I'm holy

This substance fills me with dread, what you're using;

I feel it, fifty percent, yeah, all for me;

I do this for love you bet, don't fear for me;

I am unflappable, no matter wheat;

And if I flap so what, I fly, little Birdy.

Morning vibes, coming in, so clearaly

Like AM radio, so rarerly

Static filled, photo charged, genetically

Lightning crash, look at that, so prettily.

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