Shitcoin: which are and which are the best

Shitcoin: which are and which are the best

By EFerraretto | EFerraretto | 25 Mar 2022

Shitcoin: which are and which are the best


What is a shitcoin?

The name is all too self-explanatory and leaves little room for imagination.
These are cryptocurrencies considered bad investments or in the worst case of real scams!
On average, shitcoins are created for two reasons: either as a joke (the so-called crypto memes) or to try to make speculation (on average a scam).
They don't have a serious project behind them.


What are the best shitcoins?


    it needs no introduction, it is the meme token by definition, famous thanks also to Elon Musk. The doge, in addition to having its own blockchain network, has reached the top 10 cryptocurrencies by capitalization.

    also one of the first token memes to be released, he was born from the 2chan online community in 2014. He represents a very famous cat meme in Japan.
    there isn't much to say. Very famous thanks to Elon Musk it is a project on Ethereum network very similar to dogecoin, there is not too much to say.
    a potassium-rich cryptocurrency. There is no mining and offers instant and free transactions.


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