Bananacoin Project [ Comprehensive Guide to Help You Understand Bananacoin]
Bananacoin Project [ Comprehensive Guide to Help You Understand Bananacoin]

By CryptoUpdates | edusonpublisher | 28 Oct 2019

BananaCoin is an ethereum token ,this tokens are to enhance the development of the banana production in Laos . BananaCoin token are the result of a modern organic banana farming production project.  Banana project was to seek out and find a living solutions facing banana industry by integrating blockchain technology in Banana production.

Bananas are produced with no use of chemicals such as pesticides. The key factor of success of the project is the increase in the demand of bananas across the global market, especially in china. These demands have result to increase of demand for export which currently is no equivalent.

BananaCoin token investors will be involved in expansion of the project. Moreover, the holder of tokens can use the tokens for exchange or hold them. It is worth noting that the value will always continue to increase with time. This because the profit is based on the value of exported bananas whose demand is high and unlimited.

As the project majorly deals with the lady finger banana variety which have high production and advanced agriculture practice which are promising for high production resulting to high revenue. Bananacoin worths $0.50 which is narrated to export price of a kilogram of bananas.

Banana coin project is divided into two strategies that are the long term and short term. Short term entails the creation of the banana tokens which can be used for exchange service or the investors can exchange tokens to acquire bananas.  Bananacoin token will be equivalent to the cost of 1Kg of the banana.

Long term entails the expansion of the project up to more than 1,000 hectares. This project will be in collaboration with international organization to enhance exchange and disposal of assets.

Benefits of Bananacoin Project

  •         Can be used for exchange services – banana coin token which are stored in a tokenized wallet can be used for exchange.
  •          They are based on the Ethereum blockchain technology.
  •         It is easy and simple to understand the operation of green blockchain technology.
  •          It eliminates the intermediaries helping investors to make maximum profits of the revenue generated from the banana production.
  •         Bananacoin withstands inflation unlike other coin whose value is affected by inflation.
  •          Transparent to all investors as it is blockchain- based platform hence all transactions will be available to all investors.

Bananacoin project seems to grow steadily and giving investors a high margin of profit by investing in the project. Exportation of bananas is giving a good profit  to the project. Moreover, the method of cultivation used in this project results to high demand of this banana.


I am an article writer and a crypto trainer


I am an article writer and a crypto currency trainer

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