Buy cryptocurrencies paying in Euros, Kucoin


Buy cryptocurrencies paying in Euros, Kucoin



Kucoin supports more than 51 fiat currencies for the purchase of cryptocurrencies, among them is the Euro which is the official currency of the community, kucoin always at the forefront of large exchanges, we made available to us the ability to buy cryptocurrencies using the Euro as fiat currency, and this is through the SEPA system which is a payment method. 


I consider appropriate a review without going into much detail about the benefits of this prestigious cryptocurrency exchange so much so that last year Forbes magazine ranked it as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange and many call it "the exchange of people", also this year received another recognition from the company The Ascent, which evaluates financial products, gave him an award as the best application of cryptocurrencies, is currently in the top 4 of the best exchanges.

Kucoin was founded 5 years ago, has grown exponentially and has more than 18 countries around the world with presence in South and Central America, Arab Emirates, Europe, India and Asian countries, supports more than 51 fiat currencies, you can find more than 600 cryptocurrencies and operate with more than 1170 pairs, high volume of capital which gives it great liquidity, maintains commissions to operate among the lowest in the market.

In its platform you have everything that both expert and novice users can do among other things; trading with the necessary tools, lending, staking, configuring boots, finding new promising cryptocurrencies and buying in pre-sale, 

Let's take a look at some of its functionalities:

Find a cryptocurrency for tranding


Select the pair for tranding


- Stakeout, hold a cryptocurrency for a time that could be 30 to 90 days and earn money for it, those blocked amounts are used to pay commissions to miners for validating transactions and also create new cryptocurrencies


- Lending cryptocurrencies, another way to earn money on this platform is by lending cryptocurrencies to other users. Instead of keeping a cryptocurrency, place them in loans, at the end I have the cryptocurrency and earn commission for the loan.


- Use bot for automatic trading, it is an option to configure bot and save you a lot of time and effort when trading.


- One option I highly recommend is to hold a Kucoin token, KCS,

Kucoin gives bonuses for simply holding your KCS token,

Buy cryptocurrencies from other users using P2P, person to person without intermediaries.


In short, all the above reasons serve as a basis for recommending Kucoin.

They call it the people's exchange for a reason.

 Of course, to operate with Kucoin you must have a registered account, if you don't have one yet, here is my referral link so you can easily register.


Kucoin when you sign up with the referral system gives you benefits ranging from discounts on commissions to direct bonuses,


What is sepa and how to use it?

As I indicated in my introduction the sepa is a payment method adopted by the European community to facilitate payments between countries, in Europe was formed a community composed of 28 countries, was adopted as currency the Euro and one of the economic policies adopted was to have a single payment area in euros in order to have a payment standard to facilitate payments, this area and means of payment is called Sepa, you need to have an account in any bank in any country belonging to the European community.

Kucoin since the beginning of this year included among its means of payment in Fiat currency the Euro for the purchase of cryptocurrencies the great advantage that you do not pay commission for its use, fast, safe and reliable is its use in the platform. To use it I must indicate your Kucoin account must be verified, it is a very simple process that consists of verifying your identity.

How to use it know in Kucoin

You must select buy coins and there third parties to enter the screen to buy cryptocurrencies.


It takes us to third party payments and its link is


Only missing would indicate how to use for payment Euros, payment method Sepa, I recommend using banxa payment channel, the payment channel is like a payment gateway that supports Kucoin to make the payment, it only remains to indicate the amount of euros to invest and the cryptocurrency you want to buy, so simple is the process



I recommend using the banxa channel as it does not ask for so many requirements, it is simpler, on the other hand the bank account does not necessarily have to be in Euro, only in a country of the European community.


Because of how easy it is to use the payment method sepa, to buy cryptocurrencies, there is no doubt that it is the best option, additionally Kucoin does not charge commission for its use, backing the security of the platform kucoin, giving the added value that you can also make withdrawals in euros.

And this is functionally operational since January of this year, Kucoin continues its course to be in the top 2 among the cryptocurrency exchanges, for a reason they call it the exchange of the people!

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