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Tsar Andy the First...

By LyonCoDad | Ed's Who Knows What. | 23 Jan 2021

Leader of the non-followers.
Do-er of the undoings.
Daddy's Little Boy!

Kentucky really messed up with this fella!

And Massie sums it up WELL!!!!!



THOUSANDS of Kentuckians STILL waiting on the unemployment he promised LAST SPRING!!!

But we got a $385,000.00 fence at the Governor's Mansion!
We paid $250,000.00 to move a statue, that we are still paying daily storage on because where he wanted to put it can't hold it, AND he wants to spend $500,00.00 on a new statue to put in the rotunda...

Impeachment articles are in the process! THANK GOD!!!




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Father, retired Firefighter

Ed's Who Knows What.
Ed's Who Knows What.

Sometimes on the edges of stuff ya can't talk about... Especially with "fact checkers" aka the Ministry of Truth... We live in a WACKY WORLD! Right is Left. Up is Down. War is Peace. Truth is defined daily... Let's see where this goes, shall we?

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