"Office of the Former President"

"Office of the Former President"

By LyonCoDad | Ed's Who Knows What. | 26 Jan 2021




Ya got to love it!  

Biden made up the "Office of the President Elect" in his basement, and the media justified it!
The media can't attack Trump for doing the same thing without being outright hypocrites.
Of course we all know they are biased shills, but if they say a word we can drag them thru the mud, more!
How much lower can faith in the media go?


Trump is not done yet folks!
He has a HUGE devoted following, he will NOT to just go away quietly... 
The media will be constantly attacked and the Swamp will see much brought to light.
Trump is more powerful now than when he was in office.


And this sham "impeachment" of a private citizen/ex-president is opening a door I don't think they thought out too far ahead about... You know, like Supreme Court Judges only needing simple majority vote...
What happens if we get another Trump-ish President and he decides to push Impeaching Biden? Obama? Slick Willy? Heck even Carter? They can't stop the process from starting!
AND thanks to the efforts of Barack over the past few years stabbing at Trump, Trump can go after Biden every day in every way!

The old system of the ex-presidents not publicly going against the sitting president are OVER! And Trump has a MUCH bigger Bully Pulpit than Biden!

If Trump has a press conference at the same time as Biden, who do you think the media is going to cover? Which will be the bigger draw? Trump of course!!! He is a media darling and the media KNOWS they just have to say his name and show his face to get viewers...

The death spiral of America continues, and now it will be televised!!!


Just waiting for Killian to start hosting "The Running Man"....


What say you?

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Father, retired Firefighter

Ed's Who Knows What.
Ed's Who Knows What.

Sometimes on the edges of stuff ya can't talk about... Especially with "fact checkers" aka the Ministry of Truth... We live in a WACKY WORLD! Right is Left. Up is Down. War is Peace. Truth is defined daily... Let's see where this goes, shall we?

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