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It will ALL work out! Don't sit there stressing.

By LyonCoDad | Ed's Who Knows What. | 24 Jan 2021

Get up off the couch! Sitting there worrying ain't doing no one any good...

Good look in your cabinets and dig out a few cans of food and put them in a sack. Go drop them off at the local food bank.

Put a buck in an envelope, write a short encouraging note (Like "You got this! Step back. Take a breath. and get to it!") too. Then hand it to the first person you see that LOOKS like they are having a bad day.

Go grab a small bag of dry dog or cat food and drop it off at an animal shelter.

SMILE! Even if you are having a bad day! Its contagious!

Take a walk and pick up trash. Wave to everyone you see!

We got this! It is ALL going to be okay before too long. You will see!

These 7 words say everything you need to know! From Haggai 1:13 KJV "I am with you, saith the LORD."

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Father, retired Firefighter

Ed's Who Knows What.
Ed's Who Knows What.

Sometimes on the edges of stuff ya can't talk about... Especially with "fact checkers" aka the Ministry of Truth... We live in a WACKY WORLD! Right is Left. Up is Down. War is Peace. Truth is defined daily... Let's see where this goes, shall we?

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