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One platform I use to "Invest" and let it grow without thinking about it!

By LillyLane | Economy Today | 18 Jan 2021

Why just Crypto?  Why just Trading? I also have "Investment" platform where I put money into an account and let it grow without having to touch it.  Which Also works as 1 of my 401k, savings for retirement tax free.  Which is gauged between the time of how long you want to invest, and the Risk you are willing to take due to your age and how much you have time until Retirement in order to help you make a better choice for long term investing.  One of my favorites for that is ACORNS.  You just link your credit, debit cards you use, and for every purchase you make ACORNS automatically rounds up to the next dollar and invests that into your portfolio.  Also ACORNS teaches you the way of investing, trading which you can use the same techniques with crypto. ACORNS has a huge amount of information to learn about trading, investing, and gives you futuristic events if you were to put in a certain amount of money and how much every day, week, month, year.  Learn about how to MAX out your Compound interest, money you get for free just for holding. We are all here to find Financial Freedom, and I want to help as much as I can from what I have learned.  There are many people out there that don't know about trading and investing.  Especially During these DARK times and time of un-certainty about jobs and where will you be financially.  This is a subject that all of us need to know.  So put down your XBoX, Playstation, and play the BEST VIDEO GAME on EARTH!  INVESTING and TRADING for real money!  Work hard NOW, PLAY as much as you want later.


As always.  Love You all, thanks for Reading..




Lilly Lane 

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Hi my Name is Lilly! I am just another casualty of the Pandemic, job loss, sadness, desperation, scared of not knowing what to do in this uncertain world. How will I pay the bills, put food on the table. Like so many others, I turned to the Internet.

Economy Today
Economy Today

We live in dark times and with that comes uncertainty of our future and how/where will the economy go? People running from the cities to the burbs, people are getting kicked out of their homes. How many houses do we need in the market if people don't get help and kicked out of their homes? Will we be left with a bunch of vacated homes?

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