ALERT!!! Hotbit Trading Platform Gets Hit by CYBER ATTACK! PLEASE READ ALERT!!!!

By LillyLane | Economy Today | 1 May 2021

PLEASE READ AND TAKE NOTE! This is not a Joke or a TEST my fellow Publisher0xer's      728x90-3.png

As of 4:45pm, Hotbit announces Emergency maintenance.  Sometime around April 29, 2021, 08:00 PM UTC.  The basic services of Hotbit got frozen.  No wonder I wasn't able to check my account for a couple of days.  It's been in and out for about a week.  During the siege, attackers were looking for ways to hack into personal Wallets held on the platform.  Hotbit says "the attempt was identified and stopped by our risk control system).

  The Hotbit team says they may be down for several days, but I am not confident they may have caught all the attacks.  If you have a Hotbit account and been logging on in the past couple of weeks, there seemed to be a lot of down time when I couldn't even check out the basics such as my accounts, funds, nothing.  Anyone else have this problem?

  Hotbit note's that assets are safe and secure, and you can follow them on their social media platforms for more updates and details.










How much time will all this take, who knows?  I'm sure they are working on it 24/7 and will last from 7-14 days.  With so much sensitive areas and easy places for attackers to hide code, it's going to be a challenge.  Hotbit will be countously updating their latest progress as time goes on.  Again, you can follow them on social media, Telegram and where ever you follow them at.


   Today May 1st, 2021  They are trying to complete the plan of reinstalling the system environment throughout 200 servers.


As one of the articles state below for all users in case you may have been impacted:



"If you have an account on Hotbit, the following are things you should be aware of"


  1. The attacker has already gained access to the database, so your registration phone number, email address and asset data might have leaking risk. However, the password and 2FA key are encrypted so theoriotically should be safe. But from the security point of view, if your account and password on another website or app are the same as Hotbit's, it is safer to change the password now;
  2. If you receive an email or private message in the name of Hotbit, you can contact us through official channels (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram) to verify identity before replying;
  3. Leveraged ETF products are not suitable for long-term holding and therefore Hotbit will be fully responsible for all losses suffered by the position-holder during the maintenance period.
  4. Your Open Orders on Hotbit will be canceled when the system is restored to avoid unintended trading losses.
  5. All daily routine income distributions (such as investment products, current products and FIL cloud computing power ) will be paid out after the maintenance is completed ."


From <>






I apologize for the quick messy work, but wanting to notify all my friends and the people here at Publis0x ASAP in case you haven't heard the news and have an account.  Not only that, but a safety precaution reminder to all about staying safe with your assets and never put all your eggs in 1 basket.  Perfect example of why not to.  I do hope everyone will get their money back.  I have an account there with small amount luckily.  So I am not to stressed.




Please Stay Safe out there everyone!                                                                                   




Lilly Lane,























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Hi my Name is Lilly! I am just another casualty of the Pandemic, job loss, sadness, desperation, scared of not knowing what to do in this uncertain world. How will I pay the bills, put food on the table. Like so many others, I turned to the Internet.

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Economy Today

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