Cryptocurrency Starter Kit

Cryptocurrency Starter Kit

By Economic Ninja | EconomicNinja | 15 Jan 2021

There are a lot of newcomers entering the crypto space, and it's only going to get bigger.

Lot's of new crypto-investors here!

Here are some free or cheap security apps for your computer or device, and other important tools for investors.


The Brave browser. This browser is foundational for your device (mobile or desktop). Brave doesn't collect your data and then sell it, unlike Google and most other browsers. Brave also blocks ads so it saves you time and data costs. Overall, it's more secure than mainstream internet browsers. Cost: free


Secure email service. It is possible that Google and hackers can read your emails, because Gmail is non-encrypted. Start using Protonmail for encrypted and secure emails. Cost: free


Use a virtual private network, or VPN. A VPN adds a layer of security to your device. If a hacker is targeting you, it is very difficult for them to find you when you change your browsing location to Vancouver while you really reside in Oregon. Using a VPN has other benefits aside from security. I like Private Internet Access' VPN service. Cost: $10 per month.


There are a couple of recommended apps for keeping track of your crypto purchases and overall portfolio.

Blockfolio is one of them.

Delta - Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker is another.

There are scores of apps similar to these in the App or Play store, but these two are very popular. Cost: free.


Most crypto enthusiasts use to look at the overall crypto market. But I favor because it has more detailed info about each project. I also like for live coin price tracking. Cost: free


Use CryptPad for creating and securing sensitive and private documents. More secure than Google Drive or Google Docs. This is an encrypted file and document storage system, and is a step-up from your typical 'cloud' storage. Cost: free

Hope that helps

Economic Ninja
Economic Ninja

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