Battle Mage Secrets: Healed Out!

By RealSociology | Economic Musings | 9 Jul 2023

This week's Battle Mage rule set challenge was Healed Out in which all monsters and summoners lose their healing abilities!

Healed Out general strategy....

  • Anything that can help keep any monster, but especially your tank alive for longer would work well - such as shield and void.
  • shields and repair could work well, if you think your opponent isn't going to go all out on magic, in which case Void Shield (so Raithe!)
  • It might be a good idea to split attacks using snipe/ sneak/ opportunity as there's no chance for triage to work in this ruleset.
  • Given the above, taunt to counter that!
  • Also consider strengthen and especially life leach and scavenge to boost health.
  • Obviously as high health as possible would help, all other things being equal!

Healed Out battle exemplar

The battle below shows a battle featuring the Water splinter in a comprehensive victory!

Mana and rulesets:

  • 45 mana
  • Healed out AND magic hits armour...

Screenshot 2023-07-07 at 07.02.41.png

Summoner - Yodin for the BLAST!

  1. Grum - a solid high health, high damage tank
  2. Tendyll Striker - decent health for a second tank.
  3. Lava Spider - snipe plus one with Yodin!
  4. Serpentine Spy - Opportunity!
  5. Mantoid - Snipe 1 plus one with Yodin!
  6. Tinderlock - massive damage again and last stand opportunity!

The battle...

  • round 1 - A good start for me, blast takes out my opponent's Wierding Warrior!
  • round 2 - I lose Tinderlock, but at least he soaked up a lot of damage! I take out Damphire Stalker, then the Djin and Silent Shiva all in rapido succession (BLAST!) AND then the Sandworm too
  • ROUND 3 - It's all over, I finish of the Giant!

Final battle analysis

Simply yet another carnage fest with Yodin.... in which I overwhelmed by opponent with the power of BLAST!

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