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By chrisknsts | Economaniac | 7 Dec 2021

Hello again,

Today, this article aims to emerge data and make predictions about some very popular assets.

The very last month, we saw that bear market drive the rally, but not only in crypto world. This tells us that Indexes, especially Nasdaq, have close correlation with crypto. It's already main part of whole market, and as i read BTC helps goverments and economic institutions with the inflation. But, not all of them is here for investment. Some are for gambling, some others are for the quick profit and the most are for the pull rug. So, if you want to keep your money as safe as possible and don't take a big risk, these are some coins/tokens that you should have in your portfolio.

1. ETH(may have a flip with BTC)

2. BTC(Gold of crypto-world. This is not a coin. It's an asset where you store the value of your work.)

3. Polygon(Network that solving the problem with the big fees in eth network)

4. GRT(Network with a different goal(indexing))

5. Solana(710.000 transaction/sec>>24.000transaction/sec with visa)

6. Cardano(In my opinion, when DEX come out, will be the best.)

I will mention some other categories of assets that definatelly will drive the year 2022.

Metaverse and DeFi are the categories that will dominate the market, and probably Metaverse will reach 1 trillion Market cap itself by the end of 2022.

There are many assets that are good for a long-term investment, but the time is relative. You are the one that form your portfolio. 

Diversity in your portfolio is one of your best cards, you must always use. Don't forget it.


These advises are mine, and i have no intesion to scam you. They are my opinion and only my opinion.

Thank you very much for your time and tips!!!

See ya soon all.

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Greetings, I enjoy writing about the stock and crypto markets as I have a strong interest in assets. I am a physicist and I base my predictions solely on data. Please note that my views are purely my own and I do not advise following my trends.


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