NIO stock

By chrisknsts | economaniac | 13 May 2021

Hello everyone

According to my analysis on NIO stock, there is a pattern that we all can see. 3 top peaks from 11Jan.-9Feb., 11Mar.-26Apr. That may tell as that NIO has a potential to follow a downtrend for a while. I believe that NIO eventually go to lower states in the near future(next week may follow this downtrend as you can see in chart). But 3 peaks will shine again after this downtrend.

My prediction on this stock is positive for long-term holding, and buying on dip always have postive action on your wallet.

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Hello, I write about stock and crypto market because i like assets. I am a physicist and my predictions will be always based on data. Its only my opinion and i do not recommend you to follow my trends, because its my opinion only.


Someone can find information about variations for the most holding crypto coins. This blog is made for getting a sense of the price markets and hot-hit price of the crypto market. There are estimations on market trends and analysis on the crypto graphs.

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