DAY2-14/12/21 Survival-day

By chrisknsts | Economaniac | 14 Dec 2021

Hello again,

Today, after all that bear movement(until now), i could say that is a matter of time to reach a very bottom end of 34k(euro) for BTC. But, i remember that the resistancies in many prices, such as 39,500(euro), were very strong, and may keep its price and bull market may start from there. The only thing that i could say about this situation is that if you are going to buy now, use exchanges to set orders for special prices near the support prices. I say this because if you see the charts, the market is on a free fall and the next move may be in a very low of 25k(euro). We know that this price will keep for a few minutes and orders will keep you in game. 

-If you in the market, i think the better is to have patience for the big move.

-If you out of the market, i think is to buy now.

-If you think that you are in market but not so much as you want, buy some and keep some for the big move.

-Shorting are going to last but the important is how long will be the range-price. 

See ya soon

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