By chrisknsts | Economaniac | 12 Dec 2021

Hello again,

Today, i start a new series of articles to keep you in the info and to discuss about your opinions on my ideas. It is important to be mentioned that every opinion or idea about the economics and fundamentals of cryptocurrencies are welcome and don't be afraid to feel free and have a good discussion.

I have been in the crypto market since early's 2018, during the big short movement, and i have learned a great lesson about the crypto market. It's here to stay because back then, 2018, 10 years after released BTC, even then was unfamiliar with the big public. Coinbase had 6 coins, there were a few exchanges, there were faucets that gave 50satoshi/5min and etc. 

Now, Coinbase has over 100coins, over 50 good exchanges, and Binance are way more better than 2018. Everything has changed to better, and its easier to buy coins/tokens than before. 

I wrote all these to conclude that crypto gets better day by day, and after the next halving will be more valuable cause of rareness. So, as BTC is the value storage coin, at least will keep a high price, as it has now. 

From the other side ETHEREUM, may flip maket cap of BTC, cause of its functionality.

Other Blockchains may take an advantage, but from the time that chain-blockchain-link protocols are here, BTC and ETH, will dominate market for a long time period.

Metaverse and Defi coins have already our attention, and we know that is a big opportunity. NFT's have changed the supply of circculating supply, but empower its platforms.

That was the introduction to what it follows. 

I am waiting for your answers.

See ya soon. 

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Greetings, I enjoy writing about the stock and crypto markets as I have a strong interest in assets. I am a physicist and I base my predictions solely on data. Please note that my views are purely my own and I do not advise following my trends.


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