The Vegan Africa Fund is projecting high growth on the Fantom network in 2022.

#MyCryptoOutlook2022: Eco-Friendly FTM

By veganaf | Eco Friendly Crypto | 28 Jan 2022

The trends in 2021 were clear: NFTs and gaming coins, meme coins, and a strong performance by Layer 2 protocols. It was a record-breaking year for crypto, and we know it's just the beginning. Everyone is wondering: what will the best-performing coin of 2022 be?

Our bet: Fantom. Imagine a Layer 1 blockchain that has the most eco-friendly energy use, lowest transaction costs, and amazing Dapps built on-chain with super-fast integrations for DEXs, NFT Marketplaces, and more. 

Fantom has seen incredible growth in the past year, but it's only the beginning. I was so excited to see that BitYard has a FTM-USDT trading pair and has already listed this awesome coin. We still have dozens of exchange listings yet to see, which of course will drive the price action of Fantom. With Fantom (FTM) 40% below its all-time-high at the time of writing, we believe that Fantom is the best crypto outlook of 2022.  

FTM is 40% below its all time high at the time of writing.

The Fantom blockchain is our surest prediction for growth in 2022. That's why the Vegan Africa Fund launched our VAF crypto on-chain! We believe that investors will grow to be more environmentally conscious now that crypto accounts for 0.5% of total worldwide energy use. 


The Fantom community is growing rapidly. The smooth interface, easy-to-use Dapps, low gas fees even for NFTs, and all-around potential to lead the world in DeFi has us convinced that Fantom is a must-have in everyone's portfolio.


Check out Fantom on BitYard and let us know if you're joining the community!

Join the Vegan Africa Fund in our mission to increase access to capital for sustainable African businesses. We believe that crypto will be a catalyst for positive change for people and the planet, and are excited to be on this journey. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

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The Vegan Africa Fund is an impact fund and venture builder supporting an African vegan future.

Eco Friendly Crypto
Eco Friendly Crypto

The Vegan Africa Fund is on a mission to scale vegan ventures across Africa, with operations powered by the VAF crypto on the eco-friendly Fantom (FTM) network. We're highlighting the most eco-friendly crypto options.

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