Can inequality be good?
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Can inequality be good?

By Retaliator | Eco and Crypto | 17 Feb 2021


Lately, I've been taking a look at Inequality and what creates it, now we'll explore what in what ways can Inequality actually be a good thing.

Inequality is natural

Inequality is to be expected, no matter the way we structure our society. From the moment we are born, there are inherent differences between us, from our capabilities to who our parents are.

How much is too much?

If there are any benefits to Inequality, these completely disappear if there are *too many* differences in wealth or income.

That said, it's hard to pinpoint where that line is, but we have to keep in mind it exists.

Benefits of Inequality

There are some benefits to having this healthy level of inequality in our societies, for example:
- The money and status that comes from being at the "top of the pyramid" serves an incentive to work harder
- If rich people are allowed to grow their business, then global wealth increases, which is better for everybody


While those arguments hold in theory, in the real world things are very different:
- People who work hard may be exploited by big businesses

Stressed-out Women

- While global wealth can increase, if it is owned by only a few rich people, it's not of any use!


While Inequality has many negatives, it can also benefit Humanity if kept under control, don't you think?

If you have any ideas on how to minimize inequality, leave them in the comments!

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