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Ebb of the Archon: Event 2 Preview: by Arthur INGO

In the annals of time, in a world woven with myths and shadows, there existed an eternal entity of the flesh named Damien, ancient beyond generations. His very existence, a silent whisper carried through the ages, his surnames buried with those who knew him as such, for he had walked the path of centuries beyond count. With each step, Damien had etched his tale upon the tapestry of humanity, a silent observer of the ebb and flow of civilizations as he awaited his kingdom’s return.

Damien’s quest had been unrelenting, a search for the elusive fossilized ark, a stone rumored to contain the essence of life itself, safeguarding a secret. What lay hidden within its depths was a mystery, a truth known only to the winds and the stars, and perhaps to Damien alone.

As he stood upon the precipice of revelation, Damien’s senses tingled, his connection to the ancient forces that coursed through his veins awakening. He raised the stone, its surface warm against his palm. Closing his eyes, Damien inhaled deeply, his senses reaching out to touch the stone’s very soul.

The scent, a delicate symphony of iron and earth, danced upon the air, a tantalizing hint of powers long dormant within him. A trace of his master, lingered in the aroma, a silent reminder of his purpose.

But Damien was not alone on this journey. Beside him strode Sir Albert Le Blanc, a young heir to opulence and arrogance. The contrast between them was stark. Damien, a being as ancient as the ages, and Le Blanc, a mortal whose hubris knew no bounds. Their companionship was an uneasy alliance, born of necessity rather than camaraderie.

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Ebb of the Archon Online


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Ebb of the Archon | EotA.online
Ebb of the Archon | EotA.online

A serial fantasy saga documenting the travels of seven unlikely heroes as they discover ancient mysteries, and bring an end to the Archonian war, for better or worse...

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