The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

By EatTheBugs | EatTheBugs | 6 May 2021


There have been a few books I've read over my life that have changed how my brain was wired after I had read them and spent some time processing the real content I felt the author was trying to give to their readers through their words, through their stories.  

One of the most profound experiences we have as humans is becoming helpless at some point, surrendering to destiny and the march of time. We are here and then we aren't at some point. Along the way, a lifetime. 

We don't always cherish that time we have or the characters in our own stories. 


Part of this experience on this planet in this dimensional plane in what I consider my life is being knocked down, repeatedly. So often are we humbled it's amazing how we can even develop an egoistic thought that we have some sort of final say, some measure of real control in this existence, this consenual hallucination we all are a part of. 


You may find one day you are driving down a sunlit highway, world at your beck and call, empires at your feet and it is all ripped away in an instant. Reality laid threadbare. On that day, in that moment, what will be your thoughts? What will be of vital importance? Will your currency matter, will your material possessions, will your people in your life? Will you cling to what you will leave behind? 


I have to think about these things myself when I ponder the Diving Bell and the Butterfly. What and who is truly important? If you don't know, spend some time figuring out those questions probably. 

 “I need to feel strongly, to love and admire, just as desperately as I need to breathe.”

-Jean Dominique-Bauby


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