E&S Token Review: Gala Games (GALA)

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Today we will talk about Gala Games (GALA)!

In the last review, I talked about Mobox (MBOX). If you missed my last review, you can recover it here

GALA Games is a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem that allows users to earn money by playing games. It creates and supports a wide range of games for players, including Townstar, The Walking Dead, Last Expedition, and others. Unlike Axie Infinity, the games are free (no upfront payment required) and can be accessed through a browser with few device requirements.

GALA Games was launched in 2019 by Michael McCarthy and Eric Schiermeyer, co-founders of Zynga, the mobile games company that created Farmville and Mafia Wars. GALA is formally known as Blockchain Game Partners, Inc, a for-profit organization founded on January 16, 2019.


How does GALA work?

GALA games support the decentralization of the internet and has therefore developed a founder's node that users can purchase to help the GALA ecosystem. The Founder's node is a component of its gaming network, and anyone who runs it will directly contribute to the expansion of GALA games.

Gala Games

Within Gala are the so-called VOX. VOX is the set of collectible avatars created by Gala Games, each VOX is unique and some of them are rarer than others. VOX were originally created in connection with Town Stars, but they also have an additional utility: owners can lock GALA and in return earn VOX coins by playing with the avatars in the future. The owners also receive an FBX file, thanks to which it is possible to animate the avatars and print them in the 3D version.

Some of games in Gala Games are:

Town Star: In this simulation game users are the owners of a city and must administer it; you can play Town Star directly from the browser.
Mirandus: In this game users act as knights operating in the same faction. Since all land and objects are classified in NFT, they can be easily sold and bought.
Fortified: It's possible to participate for free and get rewards, the objective pursued within the game is the defense of the tower and, also in this case, lands and soldiers are managed as NFT.
Echos of Empire: Development game set in the galaxy, in which players compete with the goal of achieving space supremacy.

And few more in development, you can see them here.


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Easy&Short. Cryptocurrencies made accessible

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