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Good morning Publish0x community! Welcome back in this new article of my “Easy & Short Cryptocurrencies Made Accessible” area.

In this article we talk about more features of The Sandbox!

In the last E&S article I introduced you The Sandbox (SAND) and I said that is a virtual world where players can build, own and monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain using the platform’s utility token, SAND. The vision is to provide an immersive virtual world in which players will collaborate to create virtual worlds and games without the need for a central authority. Their goal is to disrupt incumbent game makers like Minecraft and Roblox by giving creators true ownership of their creations as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and rewarding their participation with our utility token (SAND).

Today, we talk more about SAND token, benefits and future roadmap.

SAND is an important part of The Sandbox, and the team is working hard to establish key mechanisms that are intrinsically linked to The Sandbox and its value. SAND is an ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as the basis for in-sandbox transactions for the following purposes:

  • Access to The Sandbox Platform: Players spend SAND to play games, buy equipment or customize their avatar characters. Creators spend SAND to acquire assets, land and by pledge. Land sales drive demand for land purchased by SAND. Artist spends SAND Upload assets to the marketplace and buy gems to define rarity and scarcity.
  • Governance: SAND is a governance token that allows holders to participate in governance Platform decision, using DAO structure.
  • Staking: SAND allows staking, which allows passive income on lands: you get more SAND by staking the SAND. This is also the only way to obtain valuable gems and catalysts, which require asset creation.
  • Fee Capture Model: 5% of all transactions in SAND tokens (transactions fee) should be allocated 50% to the staking pool as a reward for token holders that stake SAND tokens and 50% to the "Foundation".
  • Foundation: The role of the foundation is to support the sandbox ecosystem, providing Grants to incentivize high-quality content and game production on the platform.



The creation of a decentralized blockchain based gaming platform provides multiple benefits when compared to current, non-blockchain systems.

With Blockchain you have:

  • True Ownership: Assets stored in player wallets through tokenization of UGC; user retention of copyright in perpetuity; ownership not tied to a game and creative authorship is immutable.
  • Secure: Less fraud possibility thanks to blockchain’s record keeping technology.
  • Fair Revenue Share: Creators will receive 100% of the selling price they set for their creations. Multiple creators can automatically share payments and revenue.
  • Decentralized Trading: Blockchain allows assets to be shared between users for collaboration and Peer-to-peer trading.



  • Partnerships: New IPs and Premium NFTs to be announced.
  • Games Platform: Over 1,000 Games available.
  • Multi-platforms: Availability of Game on consoles.
  • LAND Public sale: Regular LAND sales will continue.
  • Game Maker: Co-Building Mode - creating games with Friends, Custom Scripting with programming 3rd layer and major updates with more gaming packages and Behaviors.
  • Events: Additional Seasons with big rewards to earn.



  • Games Platform: Over 5,000 Games available.
  • Partnerships: New IPs and Premium NFTs to be announced.
  • Game Maker: Major updates with more gaming packages and behaviors added.
  • Events: Additional Seasons with big rewards to earn.
  • DAO: The Sandbox DAO will allow to participate in major decisions on the Game Platform.


Next Sunday I’ll introduce to you a new cryptocurrency.

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Easy&Short. Cryptocurrencies made accessible
Easy&Short. Cryptocurrencies made accessible

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