2022 Crypto Sites to Earn Bitcoin/Altcoins! (With Description of Each Site & How to Earn)

I would 1st like to state to any of those trying to find crypto earning sites to be cautious, because the majority of sites I looked into & tried weren't real & never allowed you to withdraw ur earnings.


1) Cointiply:

This site pays out very well & offers the most convenient ways to claim crypto. You can roll the faucet every hr. to earn BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH, along with the option to complete other offers like surveys, PTC ads, watch videos, & etc. to earn even more.

2) Dutchy:

This site offers the most crypto options by far from any other site I've found, over 60 different crypto to claim! You earn by rolling the faucet every 30min., viewing ads, or completing other offers available to earn. This site also doubles as an Exchange, where you can purchase crypto or trade coins. 

3) AllCoins:

This site pays out well & offers a few heigh quality crypto projects to choose from that aren't offered on many other claim sites. You can claim from faucet every 6mins. & also can complete offers/surveys, mine coins, and gamble to earn even more coins.

4) FaucetPay:

This site offers multiple ways to earn crypto, along with doubling as an exchange u can buy or trade crypto on. It also has a page of other faucet earnings sites for each crypto they offer, that will payout directly to ur FaucetPay wallets!

> PublishOx Article with Lists of Faucet Sites Confirmed to Payout to FaucetPay:

6) Free-Litecoin:

This link is for Free-Litecoin, you can claim LTC here every hr. by rolling the faucet, and can earn even more by completing other tasks.

7) RandomSatoshi:

This link is for RandomSatoshi, it has multiple different crypto you can claim. Once a day you can claim credits from their faucet for a specific coin to then use to open up a claim for that crypto that runs on a timer to claim coins every 40secs. The site also offers other ways to earn additional credits, such as completing surveys, viewing PTC ads, watching videos, and other tasks listed on their offer wall.

8) PublishOx:

This link is for PublishOx where you can either read short 1-3min. post/article to earn crypto or publish ur own to receive tips from readers who liked ur post/article.



===This is a way to earn Free Crypto, so keep expectations in check! You most likely won't become rich by using this site. However u may b able to earn a decent amt. of crypto from here that could offer u a decent start towards starting a crypto investment. Personally, I used the site as a risk-free way to invest in crypto, so I wouldn't loose any of my own personal cash while I attempted to learn & understand the crypto market. Also some of these sites require you to be active at least once a month to keep your account active.

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Easy Ways to Earn Free Cash

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