Vitalik Buterin , founder of Ethereum, on the front page of TIME

The start

I'm a middle-class novice.

I started my tiring journey into the wonderful and insidious world of cryptocurrencies less than a year ago, with the hope of getting rich quickly, I was completely ignorant: I started investing without knowing exactly what I was doing and there is still a long way to go ... 

I have understood that the way to big gains, if you don't already have  decent amounts of money and a lot of luck, requires  patience and knowledge. As soon as I entered, I didn't give all the importance they deserved to Bitcoin and Ethereum ...

Now I get the idea that the safest way to anticipate my retirement is through a reasoned accumulation plan of the two pioneers and some little gambling on other very very interesting cryptos.


More years will pass.

It won't be as fast as I thought.

Let's start the journey...

I leave you some referrals of the best things I have found on my path:

the king of bots:  

the best exchanges i used:




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Crypto Enthusiast In Progress Of Financial Liberation

EASY MONEY: the adventure in the world of Bitcoin
EASY MONEY: the adventure in the world of Bitcoin

The journey of an absolute beginner in search of easy money through cryptocurrencies... How will it end?

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