LUNA :an attack or a scam?

I started my blog by saying that it was important to give more importance to bitcoin and ethereum, but then ...I was convinced that the Luna team was working well and I had a lot of faith in the project. Many youtubers I followed had minimized the risk of their algorithmic stablecoin, which had already coped well with other crises.

So I had dedicated more of my budget than it made sense to do (in hindsight)....

I never imagined such a collapse.

Someone says it was a Soros-style attack (and in fact there was already panic when the depeg was just 1%), someone else says that Luna was a scam, a Ponzi scheme destined to collapse ...

Two days ago I was still profitable thanks to Luna.

Today I learned hard what volatility means ,especially in altcoins, and that it's advisable to somehow hedge against risks of this type ...

A few months ago I had more than double what I have today. I could have run away with the swag when I had doubled my capital and now I am at a serious loss because I was greedy and I did not give due weight to the risks, because I was ignorant.

But I don't give up.

It was a very hard lesson and I think I learned something.

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EASY MONEY: the adventure in the world of Bitcoin

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