BITSGAP the king of bots

I continue to share with you the best I am finding along my path.

I've been trying Bitsgap for almost a year.


At the beginning of my journey in the cryptoworld, after seeing a large number of positive reviews, I decided to use it to protect myself from crypto volatility and to seize opportunities without losing sleep, having no trading experience.

It's ideal for beginners!

It connects to the exchanges to which you are registered and based on the bot you have chosen it uses different strategies to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies in your possession without obviously the possibility of doing withdrawals.

On its platform you will find instructions to connect it to the exchanges you are subscribed to.

Depending on the bot you choose to use, it will adopt different strategies to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies in your possession (obviously without having the possibility to make withdrawals: you do not risk the theft of your funds).

It is very easy to use - it does everything by itself. I have always used the SBot on different pairs of tokens and only changed the number of grids, based on backtesting, which usually gave me the best results between 15 and 24 grids. For the rest, I never changed anything.

On some token pairs, the results were truly amazing: over 40% in one month. Obviously, do your research (DYOR '' Do Your Own Research 'the mantra I have heard repeated since I started researching).

Thanks to this bot I sleep more peacefully ... It places a series of long and short orders on certain key price levels and never fails to earn when the price goes up and to buy when it goes down.

Sometimes I got mad when Bitsgap was selling tokens that were going up in price, thinking it was cutting my profits, but in the end the bot was ALWAYS right.

When bitcoin goes down in price I know that I am taking advantage to accumulate and when it goes up, I know that I have made a profit: the bot works tirelessly for me on a market that is always open, seven days a week and 24 hours a day!

Please, if you are going to use it, sign in with my referral and both of us will have advantages:

See you soon!

I leave you some referrals of the best things I have found on my path:

the best exchanges i used:




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EASY MONEY: the adventure in the world of Bitcoin

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