Crypto Terminology: What is an ICO?

By EasilyRich.com | EasilyRich | 24 Sep 2020

What is an ICO?

If you clicked on this article you may be wondering, “What is an ICO?” In short ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. You are essentially buying a new companies crypto or token. And typically, it is the first time they have offered it. Some people might think that they are buying shares in the company but this is not true. They are only buying the asset the company created. Usually when a company does an ICO they are trying to raise funds to continue developing their project.

Is buying an ICO a good investment?

Typically, No. ICO’s are generally considered EXTREMELY risky. They are high risk but high reward investments. A lot of times companies release Tokens/Coins while promising the world but often run out of funding before they can fully develop the network. This leads to a lot of “Pump and Dump” scams. It is generally considered good advice to invest in more fully developed coins or cryptocurrencies.

I want more information about ICO’s. Where can I find it?

Doing a simple google search you can find tons of information about ICO’s, as well as see the history of many ICO’s. You can also click the source links at the bottom of this article to read more information about ICO’s.

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