Game: Spread your Influence To The Stars

Following the steps of towards digital property ownership with a twist is a relatively new game called Influence is a grand strategy space MMO, backed by NFTs, set in a distant asteroid belt, and built on Ethereum.

Scanning the surface of your asteroid allows you to discover which resources are more abundant on your asteroid. Each asteroid contains up to six resource categories, and all of them can come with significant bonuses. Will your asteroid be Superior, Exceptional, or perhaps one of the ultra-rare Incomparables?


How do you buy an asteroid?

Buying an asteroid is very straightforward, and takes place within the Influence interface. All you need is some Ethereum and a wallet like MetaMask, or one which is WalletConnect compatible. If you are new to blockchain, don’t worry, getting started is easy, here are some basic steps you need to take to get started with MetaMask:

How much do they cost?

According to the wiki, they will be priced starting at around 0.03 ETH, and the prices scale by surface area. The largest asteroid for sale has almost 73,000 times the surface area as the smallest. Given the size distribution, over 200,000 will be priced at less than 0.1 ETH, and all but the largest 3,000 will be less than 1 ETH. However, if someone wants to own an absolutely MASSIVE asteroid where they can own / operate the largest privately owned landmass in-game, they can. As subsequent releases roll out, there are several game mechanics that will encourage players to utilize their asteroids to retain the NFT’s value. Asteroid “lots” will be leasable, and players can earn ETH or other currency by making their space available. If they do not take action in-game, the lots on their asteroid will be usable by all, at no cost. Additionally, when the Conflict release is launched, players will have the potential of losing “control” of their asteroid. And while they will still own the underlying asset, the activities they can take in-game with it will be limited until they regain control (this would not stop them from trading it on OpenSea or other platforms).

As of right now it is very difficult to judge what sort of ROI can be made with this project. I will be keeping an eye on it!




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