Project Blue Fire is a Free application where you can earn dollars.

Project Blue Fire

I will share some Application or Sites that I know that you can earn too. If you ate looking for an extra income then this is Good for you.



1.Project Blue Fire 

I just recently discover this application, someone share this on and I tried it because I want some extra income. I come to like it because aside from it's easy to use and I can earn dollars, all of the people in Blue Fire is so friendly.

What is Project Blue Fire? 
  • This app is like a Social Media where you can post Anything as long as it's Original Content and not copied in Google. If the other social media won't pay you for your Original Content post just like Photography, here in Project Blue Fire you can earn a dollars.
How To Earn?
  • Post Original Content and Interact with the others. It's easy right? 
  • You can earn a points or Reputation here that can be converted into dollars.
  • 1000 rep = $0.25

    500 rep = $0.12

    250 rep = $0.06

    125 rep = $0.03

    Depending on the pool amount reputation value could go up or down, so the choice is yours, and dependent on the userbase. 

This is my Reputation that I gain in 3 days

They will convert your Reputation you gain every week and it will appear in your name like this.


I you want to join here you can download it on Play Store, once you download it make sure to read the rules and regulations

Payout is on Paypal only.

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Earning Sites, Apps and Bot
Earning Sites, Apps and Bot

Sharing is caring so I will share some earning sites, application and bot telegram thay I know.

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