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Comprehensive Guide to US Crypto Debit Cards

By Pbjclimbing | Earning Free Crypto | 19 Aug 2021

There are over 30 crypto debit cards available on the market. Not all of them are available in every country and this post just covers US ones. This is a very brief rundown of each card so make sure that you look into them a little more if you decide to get one. Almost every card has a referral offer that includes a bonus for signing up, some like Binance have an offer directly on their website.

A debit card unlike a credit card, requires funds in your account at the time the transaction happens. Some of these cards allow that to be in fiat, others require crypto.

There are a wide range of fee structures that include monthly/yearly fees, staking requirements, bad crypto exchange rates, 1% exchange fees, transaction fees, and other fees. Many of the cards are low fee, but not all.


Unbanked Blockcard

  • Locations: Currently USA, Latin America and Europe coming

  • Fees: $10 for card, $5/month is <$750 transactions, crypto exchange rates to pay bill seem to be 0.3% off of Coinbase. There is $1 fee for PIN based transactions, making this not a good card for things that need to be run as debit.

  • Earning Rate: None

  • KYC: Yes

This debit card allows a variety of cryptos to be used to pay for the charges. The exchange rate for the cryptos is really good. The fees can eliminated if you charge enough. There is currently not a rewards structure which puts it behind some other cards, but a positive is how easy it is to pay with various cryptos with little markup.


  • Locations: US, coming to Canada/EU/UK

  • Fees: Flat fee for withdrawal from ATM, no fee for card, international fee, $9.95 initial fee

  • Earning Rate: none

  • KYC: Yes, plus drivers license on social security number

This is an okay card, but not my first choice. Their conversion rates for crypto are decent, they do charge “network and miners fees”, but no flat crypto fee. There currently is not a reward structure and they do allow a large account balance/usage.

  • Locations: USA, Canada, EU/UK, Singapore

  • Fees: Staked CRO $0/$400/$4000/$40000

  • Earning Rate: 1%/2%/3%/5%/8%

  • KYC: Yes

The cards are not simple. There are 5 tiers of cards and the level card that you get corresponds to the amount of CRO that you have staked $0/$400/$4000/$40000. The higher tier cards offer additional benefits like Spotify/Netflix/Amazon subscription refunds and AirBnB discounts.

The exchange rate they use for fiat/crypto depends on what country you register. It is often cheapest to pay in fiat vs crypto. They do exclude some merchant codes, like money orders, from earning crypto back.



  • Locations: US (other countries have different fee/award and generally not competitive)

  • Fees: 2.49% crypto liquidation fee unless you pay in USDC, foreign transaction fees outside US

  • Earning Rate: 4% XLM back or 1% BTC

  • KYC: Yes

The Coinbase card is a surprisingly good card. The payment in USDC is a pain and kind of defeats the purpose of paying in crypto. I would purchase the USDC in Coinbase Pro and transfer it to Coinbase. This card should be on your short list if you are in the US.


  • Locations: US and EU (the below applies to the US card, different for other countries)

  • Fees: 200 Zoom for card and between 2,000-50,000 zoom required for staking

  • Earning Rate: 1%-5% in Zoom and 1%-3% back if you use instant payments from crypto

  • KYC: Yes

I think that this is a solid option if you are in the US and want a rewards card. A downside is the staking requirement in the rather obscure Zoom coin.

Fold App Debit Card

  • Locations: US,

  • Fees: $21 (they say $0 but activation fee) or $150

  • Earning Rate: you spin after each purchase and have a change to get up to 100% back in BTC

  • KYC: Yes

You use fiat to pay for this card like a traditional debit card, but you get crypto rewards. It is a unique system where you “spin” to determine your rewards and only have a short time period to spin after your purchase.


I am not going to waste my time writing everything. This card charges 1% for crypto/fiat conversions, not worth getting. Way better options available.


  • Locations: US, more coming

  • Fees: $9.95 card fee

  • Earning Rate: 1% USD sourced transaction, 2% crypto purchase

  • KYC: Yes

I would really consider this card. You can set the card to use crypto or fiat and earn more back with using fiat. There is not a staking requirement or an annual fee for the card. It is rare to find a debit card with as few requirements and as strong rewards. There is a waitlist to get the card.


BlockFi Credit Card (not a debit card)

  • Locations: US

  • Fees: $0 per year

  • Earning Rate: 1.5% in BTC, 2% on yearly spending over $50,000

  • KYC: Social Security number

This is a credit card and not a debit card. You earn 1.5% back in BTC on all your purchases. I think there are better cash back credit cards that you can buy crypt with than this.

Gemini Credit Card (not a debit card)

  • Locations: US

  • Fees: $0 per year

  • Earning Rate: 3% dining, 2% grocery, 1% other in BTC

  • KYC: Social Security number

There currently is a waitlist for this card. A 2% cash back credit card that is not crypto oriented would probably net you greater rewards overall.

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