Earn Telos (TLOS) by playing Angry Warlord - Beginner's Guide
Angry Warlord - a fun casual game that lets you earn Telos (TLOS)

Earn Telos (TLOS) by playing Angry Warlord - Beginner's Guide

Most blockchain games suck. They deliver an underwhelming gaming experience, mediocre gameplay and design, confusing UI. But this one doesn't: Angry Warlord is a casual game at its best: simple, fun, addictive, unique, and on top of that: you earn crypto by playing. Find out how you can earn free Telos (TLOS) right now:

Angry Warlord is a super simple game: you smash enemies while riding on your rhino. One tap small jump and double-tap a higher jump to fly over obstacles. For each kill you earn the in-game token GEMs.
Easy, huh? But the game gets hard to crack from level 11 onwards. I fear that I will be stuck at level 10 (the checkpoint) forever unless the developer has mercy on me and tweaks the level balancing. 

Smash 'em and earn GEMs!

Your first mission should be to collect at least 500 GEMs to unlock the next rhino class, the Rhino Fire, and to be able to transfer GEMs to another account. The good thing is, Angry Warlord lets you earn GEMs even though you did not complete a level. The little white soldiers earn you fewer GEMs than the big green guys. Try to smash the green guy from high above. It needs practice, you need to constantly check the enemy distance meter on the right and get a feel for the right timing. 

Angry Warlord convinces with its unique visual style. SFX and soundtrack are epic. It's addictive, it is fun to play, it's rewarding.

Now, let's get to the earning crypto part:

Once you unlocked Rhino Fire and spent the first hard-earned 500 GEMs, you can use your next earnings for upgrade and items, or you can transfer GEMs to another player or to a Telos account. Actually, Angry Warlord creates an account on the Telos blockchain at the beginning for you: <yourname>.lord. But if want to "monetize" your GEMs, you need another Telos account. 

Telos Account and Wombat App

If you're new to Telos, I recommend to download and install the Wombat app. Wombat creates a free TLOS/EOS account. It's a hosted wallet and comes with free account creation. But there is a little catch. You need to pay to receive your TLOS/EOS private keys. If you plan to invest more in either blockchain, you'll need to spend US$ 2-3 for your private keys. This is important: Remember, no keys, not your crypto!

But for newbies, let's skip this and let's trust Wombat for a while. Create your Telos (TLOS) account in Wombat. It's one account name for both Telos and EOS! A distinctive feature of the TLOS/EOS blockchain is that you create human-friendly account names, so memorize it and go back to Angry Warlord, once you think you collected enough GEMs for a little trade.


Tap on the


Tap on the "plus" button in the upper right corner. Enter your TELOS account name (the one that you created in Wombat). Enter the amount of GEMs. Check Wombat and boom! Your GEMs landed safely in your wallet.


Transfer GEMs to your Telos account

Trade GEMs for TLOS on Newdex 

Now, let's have a little trading fun and exchange the GEMs to TLOS: In Wombat tap on "TLOS" and then on "TRADE". This should open the integrated, decentralized Newdex Exchange on your TLOS account. Your TLOS account name should be visible on the main page. You'll see trading pairs, if you find the pair "GEM/TLOS" tap on it, if not scroll down, tap on "View more" and search for "GEM" to get to the "GEM/TLOS" trading page. Tap on "SELL" and then execute a "Limit Order" for your GEMs. Once the trade is confirmed, check your wallet in Wombat again and boom! You've earned TLOS!


After your Limit Order your GEMs have been exchanged to TLOS


Since the levels in Angry Warlord are randomized, it's not getting boring to play it daily. And I am excited how things will be evolving in Angry Warlord and the GEM ecosystem (some features are still not properly implemented, like chests, rankings, and more at the time of writing).

Check it out right now:

Download Angry Warlord for Android

Download Wombat
And get a handful of free transactions by entering the code "7MWMX9" after signing up here

Head over to the official site of Telos Foundation and find out more about their upcoming projects!
There will be some cool stuff upcoming with Telos, so stay tuned for more articles on Telos. Hodl and stake! (I will explore "staking Telos" in another post soon.)

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