A terrific spectral ghosty NFT - Another post for Jetcoin contest (a very scary story)

By lemming | Miscellanea | 9 Jan 2022

(Somewhere in an ordinary haunted house)

- Boo!
- What?
- Boo!
- Boo? What? Are you ready?
- You should be scared!
- Why?
- I'm a ghost and I'm scary. Boo!
- I don't have time to waste! what do you want!
- I'm here to scare you and to haunt this house!
- Oh yes?
- Boo!
- I repeat, I have no time to waste. I have to participate in the Jetcoin contest and I'm late, even more.
If I don't hurry I don't have time to publish the post on Publish0x!
- Boo!
- I repeat. I have no time to be scared! Either you suggest some original idea or go and
haunt another house.
- I'm a ghost and I'm scary!
- Look. If you can turn fear into NFT, it might interest me.
- NFT? Jetcoin? But look here, the strangest and most grumpy man to scare had to happen to me.
there are no longer the haunted houses of the past!
- Then? Aside from wasting my time, do you have any ideas for a post on Jetcoin, or not?
- Jetcoin? what is Jetcoin?
- Ugh! Go and read some posts on Publish0x. If you leave me alone maybe you will find mine as well.
- Publish0x? Jetcoin? what is Jetcoin?
- An original way to earn as a fan of a champion or a team?
- Are you talking about football?
- Football yes, but it can be extended to other sports.
- I'm a promising youngster from the ghostly soccer team.
- You, a football promise? Let's suppose, only suppose! If I were your fan I could support you through Jetcoin.
- Do you mean that you want to sponsor a promising young ghost footballer as I am?
- Why not? But you have to convince me that you really know how to play football and that you have a great potential.
- And how would you support me?
- Old ghost, it's so simple that I hardly tell you.
- Tell me, tell me. I've always dreamed of letting go of haunted houses to go football playing.
- Let's do it like this. We go on the Jetcoin website. We create a nice NFT of your face. Indeed no, of you on a spooky soccer field scoring a goal against the Giant Magicians team.
- And then?
- I buy the NFT so that I can sponsor you.
- Ok let's do it ... but you? What do you get for it?
- I have your NFT!
- If you're really strong as you say.
- I'm strong, I'm strong!
- This has to be proven yet!
- Don't worry, no one beats me among the ghosts.
- This is precisely what worries me: among the ghosts. In any case, if you make a good career and become a major player my NFT will increase in value over time.
- So you want to invest in me through some kind of electronic card?
- NFT!
- Electronic card!
- NFT.
- Boo!

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