TokenStars: low cap altcoin breaking bullish

TokenStars: low cap altcoin breaking bullish

By profitofthegods | Earning Crypto | 14 Mar 2019

TokenStars is a platform which connects sport stars, poker players, entertainers and more with their fans, and provides funding and support for aspiring new stars.

I’ve followed them for a while and like the project but haven’t been actively trading the token as it has such low volume. But when they recently sent out a newsletter highlighting recent developments I was impressed and decided to check back on the market – and it seems to have broken bullish and to be on the rise.

Recent developments include:

  • Two new modules released: a ‘Players’ module for talent to manage their profiles and connect with fans, and a ‘Brand Relations’ module.
  • Top Finnish goalscorer and player of the season winner Joao Klauss signing up as a client.
  • Contracts signed with aspiring poker and tennis talents, with others currently going through the community voting procedure.
  • Consistent growth from the sports betting module
  • First players submitted by the public through the decentralized talent scouting module

From the chart at the top of the page you can see that from the January low the price of their ‘Team’ token has been trending upwards and is above the moving averages. Volume is still low but this may be one to look out for!

You can trade TEAM tokens on the Bit-Z exchange:


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