Presearch and my BTC contest.

This Post may be a mixed bag of stuff as I have a few topics I'd like to cover. Me reaching 1k subs on Youtube, Presearch, BTC contest and a Raffle with even more prizes.

  I actually cover all topics in this video so as usual here you go if you are so inclined to view this instead. 

Lets talk about Presearch first and keep you waiting on the contest details ;-)

Presearch is actually really awesome. It's easy to setup and once it is you can essentially forget about it. You earn the ERC20 PRE for using it and you earn it for using your search function in your web browser. 

Simply go to  Presearch and download the browser add on. Which brings me to my next point. This works with both Brave and CryptoTab browsers. So you can earn PRE while you earn on either of these browsers. It also works with plain chrome and Firefox and possibly others but who actually uses those in 2020?

Still not convinced and want another reason? Staking on Keywords! You can now stake your PRE on Keywords and this allows you to place an ad if you are the highest staker. Do you see the potential here? I do. Inexpensive a highly viable ways to get those referral links out! Have an app or website? This is another avenue for free or cheap ad space! For me this is the biggest draw. If that's not your thing you can wait for 1k min withdraw and take your earnings. 

Worried about privacy? They have settings available for you to take control over what info is given out. 

For me this is a no-brainer.

Next topic.

In this same Video I announce a contest for $10.00 (USD) equivalent in BTC. Instructions are all in the video but i'll sum it up quickly here. Recently I reached 1k Subs in my Youtube channel. Yay! and thank you to all my subscribers. So in my recent video I decided to give away BTC. I'll only require a suggestion in my comment section. I have added a new segment in my videos and I'm unsure of what to call it. So I call upon my viewers to help me. The winning suggestion will receive the prize. Simple right?


Also In this same Video. I announce a raffle. This also Gives away the equivalent of $10.00(USD) in BTC as well as over 300 pi and an assortment of other coin. This is a little more involved and has many steps and will take up to 2 weeks. If you are already a Pioneer jump in now and not only join the Promo code hunting part of the raffle but join Pitgcc as well. A great community that supports Pi. For those of you not a part of the Pi Network Join here and see what the fuss is all about. An even greater incentive to join the Pi Network is now here. Hurry the raffle won't wait forever!


Until Next time, get claiming!

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Earning Crypto with no cost.

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