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Knight Story: A tale of Ethereum earnings.

Only just a few days ago I started playing Knight Story. A fairly mediocre game by today's standards when comparing to Non-crypto games. However when comparing to Crypto-games and dapps it fits in with the top.




If your familiar with Eos Knights and Eos Dynasty and enjoy those games. You'll enjoy this one. In fact it's created by Biscuit the creators of Eos Knights. Eos recently has been congested and I find it hard to accomplish much on the block chain. So in search of something simular I stumbled upon this and was pleasantly supersized.


When you first start it shows 3 different blockchains. Eth/Eos/Trx. Eth being the only one currently available. However I'm hopeful the other two come online soon. 


The premise is fairly simple and the story line is short and sweet. 3 Characters (A knight/archer/mage) fight in various stages. In each stage you gain a variety of material in which you can forge into items. As you kill monsters you characters gain levels and straighten. This in turn allows you to progress farther into each stage which in turn allows you to collect stronger materials and forge stronger/rarer items. A simple RPG format with a progressive curve. There is 2 in game currency. Beans and Magic water. Magic water upgrades almost everything and can be earned by grinding. Magic beans however are harder to earn and can be purchased for fiat.



The Game also includes pets that can journey with your group which also level and progress. There are varying rarity of pets.


How to earn Ethereum

This game doesn't actually require you to attach your eth wallet initially, you can jump in and play and get a feel for the game before you decide if you want to start the journey. The game is centrilized unlike Eos knights and onlyu the market is on the Ethereum blockchain. Later when you get an item you'll have to purchase MyKI tickets (2 free at lvl 7) to list items on Opensea. At this time you'll have to set your wallet it to an add on. I use My Electroneum wallet (mew) and  Metamask from my Brave browser. If you've gone through this process before you'll know it's fairly simple. For new users interested I suggest you watch a video or read up online. It's not terribly difficult.

Before you go ahead and list an item I suggest you take a few things into consideration. To avoid listing useless items on the market and when purchasing items compare your selected item to others of same quality. 

You'll notice in one of the pics above (middle) that the items have a % by them. This denotes how strong that weapon is. Each stat that a weapon can get has a min roll and a max roll. A 0% would denote a min roll and a 100% would denote. This determines item quality. Another factor that could indicate value is set item/craft difficulty and level requirement. Additionally how flooded the market it with each item. (supply demand value)


Overall I'm pretty happy I found this game and i'll be playing this for some time and earning some Eth along the way. If you are interested in this game download it here Knight Story and please use my referral code RA6AEO 

Additionally I made a Youtube video with a quick guide/overview of the game.



Below I'll list the discord and other sites in relation to this game.

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Earning Crypto with no cost.

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