Gitcoin GR14 And Possible Airdrops Associated With It.

Many of you may be aware of Gitcoin. If not I'll explain it fairly simply here. If you want a full detailed video explanation you can check out an older video I made on it here.


Gitcoin is a platform which developers/coins/projects can get a head start by gaining grants. These grants are donated by regular crypto users like you and I. They are then matched by a number of larger foundations. These fund matchings are a little different than normal grants however, they use a quadratic formula which essentially dictates that the amount of people donating outweighs the benefits of the amount donated by fewer individuals. So 10 people donating $10 worth of cryptocurrencies would gain more match funding than 1 person donating $100 worth of cryptocurrencies.

Personally, I believe a system like this is especially important at the grass roots level as not everyone has access to Silicone Valley VC funding. It's also a good introspect into which projects are liked by a general population and could have potentially

During each round (Gitcoin just started round 14) the funding is boosted more than normal (You can donate any time) and small donations can go farther. $2 worth of cryptocurrencies can sometimes be matched with $10 worth of cryptocurrencies. You don't have to be a crypto whale to help make a difference. There are lots of different categories that might match your interests. Defi, security, privacy, games, nfts and the list goes on....and on...and on.

While this alone is enough reason to jump on board and help today. This is a potential to actually receive for giving. AIRDROPS! There have been several airdrops drop specifically to users who have donated to various Gitcoin grants, totaling in thousands of dollars in value. Most recently an Optimism Airdrop worth over $1200 (USD) in value at it's peak price. This video goes over pretty much the same thing I'm typing here.

The Optimism airdrop also had several other qualifications and many people were able to claim thousands of dollars in value. Some of these things many of you might be eligible for. Check out the post here. I always suggest caution with airdrops as many are scams. I can confirm this is real. However don't take my word for it. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

In the video and for the sake of volume for this post. I also added the EVMOS airdrop which happened a couple weeks ago and for many will be old news. This airdrop is not associated with Gitcoin however the eligibility requirements are vast and many people will be eligible. You can check that here. 

During a bull market it might be harder than ever to part with your valued crypto, however the projects that live during these tough times tend to be the ones that succeed and when they do, maybe they'll remember all those who helped them along the way and create another airdrop. None of this is a guarantee and the possibility of never getting an airdrop for giving to a grant is real. So I suggest you head on into Gitcoin with a giving mentality, instead of receiving. 


Thank you. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Until Next time, Get claiming!


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