Axie Infinity- Play, fight, breed, earn and more.

Want to play a fun game and earn crypto while you have free time? This game is for you. 

In this post i'll quickly explain how this is done. As always here is the video version that talks and shows you the way.


So first you'll need to have an Ethereum wallet with minimum $7.50 USD worth of Ethereum inside of it, possibly up to $10.00.(You can spend more if you like) Now I know this blog is about earning crypto at "No cost". In the video I include 2 ways to gather enough Ethereum in a couple days. Additionally you can easily exchange and ERC20 or other Crypto that you've earned freely from many of my other videos. :-)

Next step? Go to the Axie Website, sign up and download the app. Available on Windows/MAC/Android/IOS. I highly suggest you read the guide and learn basics and get a simple concept of how the Axie work. You'll need to understand them in order to build a starter team. 

Now you need to own at least 3 Axie in order to play. So you those living in a Ethereum budget go to the market place and set the filter to "lowest price" and pick 3 Axie and make your misfit starter team (I suggest a tank/bruiser up front, a damage dealer and utility in back to start). Boom! You are now all set to play!

 There are two modes of play. Adventure and Arena or PVE and PVP. In Adventure you progress levels and gain experience and strength which in turn allows you to progress farther. Basic RPG concepts. When you beat a level you get an small amount of Small Love Potion (SMP) Besides having actual value these love potions can be used to breed more Axie which in turn you can sell for Ethereum, or use and grow into it's own powerhouse. So what's stopping everyone from just making a bunch of Axie.......Well every Axie is unique, no two babies will be the same. No distant cousins will be the same. Some axies will be Misfits and will always be Misfits. While others will turn int wonders and have great value. There are a lot of skills, stats and abilities that each Axie can have and some will fair better than others. Add in a rarity level for some of these traits and this becomes a perfect primordial soup of Axie breeding mayhem! Okay I'm exaggerating but I'm hoping you can see the potential here.


Arena presents another opportunity to earn and even if you don't get the top ranks of each season (Yes there is real a value reward) You can earn with each win. Not only do you win Small love Potions (mention this a 2nd time-they have value) but you can possibly win a fraction of DAI (ERC20 stablecoin) as well!

The game also has land purchases and seems to have some exciting updates in the future.  This is something that at this point is mostly speculation so I won't get into it now but stay tuned for exciting news ahead. To me it's very appealing.

So lets stop for a second and talk about if you'd actually play this game without the incentives. For me it's a yes. The game play is fairly simple but quickly becomes complicated with this brings interest. Each Axie has abilities and everyone of them has a unique combo of abilities and stats and types. This brings a wide variety of strategies and styles into the PVP which for me is kind of exciting. I'd most definitely download it and play it. For how long? That depends on the updates.

Tho it looks promising. The one flaw here is that while it's still sort of early, the boat on buying the super early Axie has sailed and those are the ones that have mega value now. This could still be considered early so maybe I'm wrong.

This game also gets some action, it actually has a large player base and is at the time of this writing sitting 4th on State of the Dapps for volume. 

Check it out and let me know if you enjoy it. Or even drop your IGN and I can add you and we can compare Axie.

Until next time-Get claiming!

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Earning Crypto with no cost.
Earning Crypto with no cost.

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